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The Unhindered Path

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By John Paraskevopoulos


This volume presents a range of writings on Shin Buddhism (Jodo Shinshu), the largest school of Buddhism in Japan. It includes philosophical reflections, talks, essays and pastoral advice written over a twenty-year period. While the focus is very much on the contemplative and devotional dimensions of this tradition, attention has also been given to ensure that the principal tenets of Shin are thoroughly explained as well as aiming to make them accessible and compelling to a modern lay audience.

“The Unhindered Path is an inspiring collection of eloquent aphorisms, sermons, essays and other writings. Time and time again, the author succeeds in rendering the most essential and subtle insights of the Shin tradition of Buddhism into accessible, lucid and candid language. This work is a testament to the experience of a profound state of surrender to the truths of our human condition.”--Dr Georgios T. Halkias, Fellow, Centre for Buddhist Studies, University of Oxford


“An incisive, compelling, faithful and dynamic exposition of the Shin Buddhist teachings, beautifully rendered with great sensitivity and devotion.”--Professor Emeritus Hoyu Ishida, University of Shiga Prefecture


“A fascinating guide to Shin Buddhism for the general reader, providing a most engaging approach to the spiritual path opened up by its founder, Shinran.”--Professor Emeritus Michael Pye, University of Marburg