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The Seeker - The Life Story of Shinran Shonin Part 2

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The Seeker, The Life Story of Shinran Shonin Part 2 is a beautiful graphic novel that vividly depicts the young days of Shinran Shonin, a prominent Buddhist priest in the 13th century Japan.  The story of this volume is focused on the government persecution of his teacher, Honen, and some of his disciples that include Shinran.  As a result of the persecution, Shinran was forced to live a life in banishment but he discovered the true meaning of Honen's teachings through relationships with local people.

This book is the English version of the graphic novel "Manga Shinran Shonin, Volume 2" which was originally published by the Higashi Honganji (Shinshu Otani-ha) Nanba Betsuin in Osaka, Japan.  The story is based on the latest academic research on Shinran's life.