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What Do You Do With A Problem?

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By Kobi Yamada.  Illustrated by Mae Besom.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a problem?  Have you wished it would just go away or that you could hide from it?  What Do You Do With a Problem is a charming story about a young boy who is plagued by a persistent problem.  At first he doesn't know what to make of it and he tries desperately to avoid it.  However he eventually finds the courage within himself to face it and, in doing so, he unexpectedly discovers something beautiful.  Of course, as Buddhists we recognize that life is full of suffering.  Whether at home, at school, at work, or temple, "life is a bumpy road" as Reverend Dr. Kenneth Tanaka would say.  This story reminds us that what may appear to us as a problem, actually brings with it an opportunity to encounter the Nembutsu teachings, helping us to awaken to our true selves if we have the courage to look deeply.