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The Hands and Feet of the Heart

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By Hisako Nakamura.

Sixty years

Without hands or feet

Only Because the Buddha's

Compassionate hands and feet

Have taken the place of mine.

        -- Hisako Nakamura

Hisako Nakamura was born on November 25, 1897 in Takayama City, Japan.  Located in a valley surrounded by the Japan Alps, winter temperatures there could fall to 10 to 15 degrees below freezing.  At three years of age, frostbite on Hisako's foot turned to gangrene.  This spread to her other foot and hands, eventually leaving her with short stumps for arms and legs.

This is the amazing life story of Hisako Nakamura as told in her own words.  Reverend Bunyu Fujimura compiled Hisako Nakamura's own writings and articles and edited them to form this book.

"Through her realization of being within the immeasurable life and light (Buddha's sleeves), she was able to live her karmic life fully.  May the readers of this book experience the heart of Mrs. Hisako Nakamura and be guided to the immeasurable life and light ceaselessly embracing all sentient beings."  Rev. Kodo Umezu, Bishop, Buddhist Churches of America and former Director for the Center for Buddhist Education