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Essays Honoring Lewis R. Lancaster edited by Richard K. Payne. Foreword by Richard K. Payne.

The Mountain Spirit: Dogen, Gary Snyder, and Critical Buddhism by Carl Bielefeldt

Sectarian Rationalization: Shugaku in Tokugawa Japan - Nincho, Gizan, and monno of the Jodo Shu by Mark L. Blum

Sugi's Collation Notes to the Koryo Buddhist Canon and Their Significance for Buddhist Textual Criticism by Robert E. Buswell, Jr.

Studies in Dharani Literature III: Seeking the Parameters of a Dharani-pitaka, the Formation of the Dharanisamgrahas, and the Place of the Seven Buddhas by Ronald M. Davidson

Affliction and Infestation in an Indian Buddhist Embryological Sutra by Robert Kritzer

Alternative Configurations: Toward an Historiography of Practice by Richard K. Payne

Assessing Shinran's Shinjin from an Indian Mahayana Buddhist Perspective: With a Focus on Tathagatagarbha Thought by Kenneth K. Tanaka

On Justifying the Choice of Mahayana among Multiple Paths in Buddhist Teachings: Based on the Prajnaparamita-sutras by Yao-ming Tasai