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Rice Country

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A Social History and A Search for Identity in Americans of Japanese Ancestry by Bun Yoshikami.

From the American Buddhist Study Center Press, Rice Country offers a compelling narrative of the experiences of Americans of Japanese Ancestry.  Yoshikami draws on his professional expertise as an educator having taught classes and led workshops in Nikkei social history and identity.  He also balances this perspective with his personal experiences as a Sansei and son of Nisei Jodo Shinshu ministers.  He begins with a comprehensive account of the historical background of the Japanese in America where the hopes and dreams of the Issei for prosperity, happiness, and success became a nightmare with their forced evacuation and incarceration.  The second section of Rice Country examines the complex challenges and struggles of the Issei, Nisei, and Sansei to cultivate a sense of identity.  In the final section, Yoshikami shares his own personal journey in a quest for identity.