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Naturalness - A Classic of Shin Buddhism

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A Classic of Shin Buddhism.
By Kenryo Kanamatsu.

"Rev. Kanamatsu elegantly and vividly portrays the broad universal and inclusive spirit of Shin Buddhism, interpreting the mythic story of Amida Buddha's Vows.  As a work of deep feeling and intuition, he depicts a broad spiritual ideal embracing all nature and humanity, and offers us an inspiring vision of the spiritual potential of each person.  His work calls us to a freedom that is grounded in the awareness of the Universal Power, the source of our true and real life, which transcends our egoistic self-will.  The spirit of the Buddha's non-discriminating compassion, which animates our true selves, pervades the entire text.

Naturalness which signifies this spirit and freedom given expression in ordinary life is illustrated with stories of Shoma, a common laborer, who is noted for his wit and wisdom.  the re-publication of this text is timely and welcome as a new appreciation of Shin Buddhism is emerging."
-- Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus, Religion Department, University of Hawaii