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Letters of Rennyo

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A Translation of Rennyo's Gobunsho by Hongwanji
The first of three books from the Shin Buddhism Translation Series, recent obtained from the Hongwanji Headquarters in Japan. This paperback book has 166 pages and was published in 2000.

The translation project of Gobunsho was started in 1998 to commemorate the five hundreth memorial of Rennyo Shonin, and has successfully concluded with this work, Letters of Rennyo, as its result.

In a concise and easily understandable manner, Gobunsho conveys the core of the nembutsu path that Shinran Shonin taught.  Because of its practical nature, Gobunsho contributed much to Rennyo's strongly motivated propogation during the medieval period of Japanese history.  Since then, the reading of Gobunsho letters at services and gatherings of Shin followers has long become a custom in the history of Jodo Shinshu and is still practiced at daily morning services

-Bishop Seiten Hachisu