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Ida, Always

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By Carol Levis and Charles Santoso.

Gus lives in a big park in the middle of an even bigger city, and he spends his days with Ida.  Ida is right there. Always.

Then one sad day, Gus learns that Ida is very sick, and she isn't going to get better.  The friends help each other face the difficult news with whispers, sniffles, cuddles, and even laughs.  Slowly, Gus realizes that even after Ida is gone, she will still be with him -- through the sound of their city, and the memories that live in their favorite spots.

Ida, Always is an exquisitely told story of two best friends -- inspired by a real bear friendship -- and a gentle, moving, needed reminder that loved ones lost will stay in our hearts, always.

Hardback, for ages 4-8.