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Everyday Suchness - Buddhist Essays on Everyday Living

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By Gyomay M. Kubose.

This classic collection of short articles by Gyomay M. Kubose has been hailed as one of the most significant books in Buddhism because of its simple explanations and reference to everyday life.  In this book, Rev. Kubose succeeds in transmitting the essence of Buddhist thought - of life itself with the remarkable elements of simplicity and clarity that is the mark of every great teacher.  He holds forth the possibility of a serene, perfectly clear, harmonious and relaxed mental life.

What is suchness?  It is things as they are and life as it is.  It is truth as it is.  Suchness is the world, void of artificiality or make-up.  A rose is a rose; a lily is a lily; and I am I.  This is the world of suchness!"
Mr. William Gilbert
(from the introduction)