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Choose Hope: Your Role in Waging Peace in the Nuclear Age

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By: David Kreiger and Daisaku Ikeda
Choose Hope makes the profoundly democratic case that ordinary people must lead their leaders to a safer and saner future. This book offers new perspectives to those who may have given up hope for a better future for humanity. When our common future and that of future generations is at stake, none of us can afford to be indifferent. Nor can we reasonably expect our political and military leaders to have the wisdom and will to solve our most serious and dangerous problems.

The book, written as a dialogue between an American and a Japanese peace activist, advocates that to create a true peace, ordinary people must make profound changes in their thinking about the world. The authors combine their Western and Eastern perspectives to argue that we must move beyond narrow national loyalties to embrace a global vision that cares for all humanity, while strengthening global institutions to make that vision a reality.
All of this begins with people who are willing to speak out and take action to create a better future. One primary action is dialogue—to engage in a humanistic dialogue and to come to an understanding amongst people is an important step. The authors provide inspiring examples of individuals working for peace and an end to the nuclear threat. The authors give particular encouragement to youth to use their natural idealism in becoming engaged in social action and playing a role in shaping the world they will inherit. They suggest a philosophy focused on compassion, courage and commitment. Compassion to help others and discover value in everyone, the courage to take action and speak out for positive change and have the perseverance and commitment through whatever challenges one is faced with.

The world will change as individuals change, and each of us has an important role to play. With hope, it is possible to change the world. But hope will not just happen to you. You must consciously choose hope, and then choose to act upon it.

This book’s encouraging and positive message will help readers find such hope as well as ways to put that hope into action to create a world that they can be proud to leave to their children and grandchildren.