The Dhammapada

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Introduced and Translated By: Eknath Easwaran
Dhammapada means ¿the path of dharma,¿ the path of truth, harmony, and righteousness. Capturing the living words of the Buddha, this much-loved scripture consists of verses organized by theme: thought, joy, anger, pleasure, and others. The Dhammapada is permeated with the power and practicality of one of the world¿s most appealing spiritual teachers. Rejecting superstition on the one hand and philosophical speculation on the other, the Buddha taught the path to the end of suffering and showed how we can achieve lasting joy. He spells out our choices with a refreshing realism and frankness. And he insists that we be spiritually self-reliant: ¿All the effort must be made by you. Buddhas only point the way.¿ Easwaran believed that we need nothing more than the Dhammapada to follow the way of the Buddha. His main qualification for interpreting the Dhammapada, he said, was that he knew from his own experience that these verses can transform our lives. Easwaran¿s introduction gives a complete overview of the Buddha¿s core teachings, illustrating them with contemporary references. A master storyteller, Easwaran brings vividly to life Prince Siddhartha¿s spiritual quest and his transformation into the great teacher known as the Buddha. Perfect for first-time readers, with intriguing new insights for those familiar with this text. This translation is reliable, accessible, and elegant. The Dhammapada was originally written in Pali, a language derived from Sanskrit, which Easwaran studied from an early age. Easwaran¿s rendering has an expressive brilliance acquired through many years of immersion in English literature. Chapter introductions explain key terms and place individual verses into the context of the broader Buddhist canon for readers of all levels. A glossary and chapter notes are also included.