Breaking The Drought - Visions of Grace

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By: Stephen Levine

“It is lovely when someone who has given so many gifts in psychology during his lifetime can turn and give such gifts in poetry. There are many poems here you’ll want to read to your friends.” —Robert Bly

"Here are poems of the heart that speak directly to our spirit today. Anyone who reads them will be quickened and touched. Both timely and timeless, these visions of grace are like nectar to soul.” —Lama Surya Das

“This is a gorgeous book, a book of powerful images, experience, beauty, and wisdom. Stephen Levine has always told the truth, now he does it with the great beauty of his poetry ringing in our hearts.”—Roshi Joan Halifax, abbot, Upaya Zen Center

“Stephen Levine's work as poet shines. This book renews my spirit.” —John Fox, Director, Institute of Poetic Medicine