Trust, Realization, and the Self in Soto Zen Practice

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By Daijaku Kinst.

The practice of Zen is, fundamentally, a way to live our lives and all the challenges that they pose, with grace, humor, joy, and deep connection. It is a practice of encounter and realization, an intimate path in which the self and its relationship to all beings are transformed. In Trust, Realization, and the Self in Soto Zen Practice, Zen teacher Daijaku Kinst leads us on an exploration of Zen teachings, including the often confusing topics of emptiness, no self, Buddha nature and the way of the Bodhisattva, and then describes for us qualities that make a full engagement in a life of Zen practice possible. Drawing on the traditional teachings of Soto Zen and including insights found in contemporary psychology, Kinst addresses the challenges that inevitably arise in a life of practice and the central role of trust—a well-founded trust in the teachings, in one's capacity to realize them with others, and ultimately in dynamic reality itself.