The Secret Language of the Heart

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How to Use Music, Sound, and Vibration for Healing and Personal Transformation by Barry Goldstein.

 Award winning composer and producer Barry Goldstein asserts that music, sound, and vibration are more than just art and entertainment.  They are the secret language of the heart conveying the divine and serving as a powerful vehicle for transforming us at the deepest level of our being.  This book is not just for those with musical “talent.”  Goldstein begins by discussing the music that is within all of us – our heartbeat, our breath, and our sigh.  He goes on to share how music and sound can affect both the body and the brain citing research that shows how we benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Ultimately we become more compassionate to ourselves, to others, and to the world. 

Goldstein stresses the importance of having a daily music practice and offers tips, exercises, and techniques to assist you.  One of his suggestions is to chant.  He uses the example of om, but chanting Na man da bu would work effectively as well, moving you into a relaxed state and beyond intellectual thought. 

Goldstein concludes with a section titled “Musical Prescriptions for Health.”  Though not intended to replace medications or treatment plans, Goldstein shares some extraordinary findings utilizing music for improving specific conditions such as Dementia and Stroke.   He also provides sample playlists to help get you started.