The Joy of Being: Advanced Kum Nye Practices for Relaxation, Integration, and Concentration

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By: Tarthang Tulku
In the practice of Kum Nye, the initial focus is on relaxing the body, using massage, postures, and movement to release deeply-held tensions and stimulate the circulation of vital energies through the body and mind. On a more advanced level, we can work with Kum Nye to relax the senses as well, exploring their capacities for greatly enriching the quality of our lives. When we move more deeply into these practices, we learn that they can awaken intensities of feeling that fill our consciousness with beauty and joy. The Joy of Being goes beyond the purely physical aspects of relaxation to explore this application to the senses, the perceptual process, and cognition. The author points to the pressures and restrictions that affect the nature of our experience and offers excercises that open gateways to new dimensions of enjoyment and pleasure. Chapters include Breath, Energy and Feeling; Relaxation and Meditation; Tuning Our Physical Senses; Getting the Juice Out of Experience; Mind and Perceptions; Making Mind Our Friend; Finding Our Foundation, and The Need to Be.