The Awakening of Faith 3308-0064

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Attributed to Asvaghosha-Translated by Yoshito S. Hakeda.
First published in 1967, Yoshito S. Hakeda's critical interpretation of the Awakening of Faith has become a classic. This edition, which includes a new introduction by Ryuichi Abé, presents a beautiful and accessible translation of one of the most influential works in Mahayana Buddhism. The Awakening of Faith explores the path leading to enlightenment and teaches the principles and methods of meditation. However, the text does not advocate a passive retreat into the quietude of meditation; instead it calls for dynamic social engagement based on compassion and wisdom. Philosophical and religious in its approach, the Awakening of Faith provides a comprehensive summary of the essentials of Mahayana Buddhism.

The Awakening of Faith, commonly attributed to Asvaghosha, has been read and studied for more than a thousand years. Hakeda's interpretive comments, which have influenced a generation of scholars and readers, illuminate and explain the work and its more esoteric elements. Ryuichi Abé's introduction examines the importance of Hakeda's translation as well as the place of the Awakening of Faith within Buddhism. In this reprint edition, Chinese terms are rendered in Pinyin romanization. Also new to this edition are a Chinese character glossary and a vastly expanded index, which identify and cross-reference both major and minor theoretical terms and concepts throughout the work.
Paperback, reprint, Jan. 2006, Columbia University Press