One Breath at a Time

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By Kevin Griffin
A first of its kind, One Breath at a Time links Buddhism to the Twelve Steps of tradition offering hope to those seeking recovery through an alternative form of spirituality. Kevin Griffin, a Buddhist meditation teacher and longtime Twelve Steps practitioner, weaves his personal story of recovery with traditional Buddhist teachings. The book takes us on a journey through the Steps, examining critical Twelve Step ideas like Powerlessness, Higher Power, and Moral Inventory through the lens of Buddhism. One Breath at a Time presents potent ancient techniques for finding calm and clarity and offers a vision of Higher Power not tied to traditional Western Judeo-Christian concepts. One Breath at a Time describes the convergence of two vital traditions, one ancient, the other contemporary, and shows how they are working together to create a rich spiritual path for our times. Certain to resonate with both meditators and those whose mantra is "One day at a time," One Breath at a Time should find a large, welcoming audience.