Great Compassion

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The Essence of Shin Buddhism - Shin Buddhist Sayings and Related Quotations published by the Fresno Betsuin Dharma Group.

This small book of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist sayings and related quotations is meant to be used as a portable companion for those seeking to understand the teaching.  Quotations were contributed by ministers, teachers, and lay followers.

Here is a sample of what you'll find in this book:

"Our attempt to understand the heart of Amida is just like us bringing out a flashlight to see how bright the sun is." Rev. Kodo Umezu

"Without my seeking, the Buddha seeks me; without my asking after it, great compassion asks after me." Rev. Koryu Kagai

"The Buddha says, 'The world is a reflection of one's own mind.'" Shakyamuni Buddha