Golden Zephyr - Instructions from a Spiritual Friend

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By: Nagarjuna and Lama Mipham
From two time-honored Buddhist masters come these practical instructions for pursuing a spiritual path. Golden Zephyr is a step-by-step outline of the vast scope of Buddhist teachings. The book offers translations from the original Tibetan of two classical works, Nagarjuna's "A Letter to a Friend" and Lama Mipham's commentary, 'The Garland of White Lotus Flowers." Nagarjuna, the Father of Mahayana Buddhism, originally wrote his 'Letter" to a close friend, instructing and encouraging him to practice the Dharma in his daily life. Through his common-sense analysis of the human situation we are able to unwind the frustration and confusion which we normally experience. Nagarjuna progressively develops in his "Letter' the inner understanding that preceded and accompanied the Buddha's own enlightenment. The enduring insight and conciseness of Nagarjuna's presentation prompted Lama Mi-pham, one of the most brilliant Tibetan lamas of the last century, to expand the original text for the edification of his own students. In his commentary Mi-pham interweaves an explanation of the Buddhist path, which refers to a continual unfolding of our inner potential. So, these instructions from a spiritual friend are aimed at a 'new vision', beyond confusion and doubt, which leads to a deep and satisfying joy'.