Going on Being ( New Edition ) Life at the Crossroads of Buddhism and Psychotherapy

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By: Mark Epstein
New edition. By chronicling how Buddhism and psychotherapy shaped his own growth, the author of Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart has written an intimate account of the evolution of spirit and psyche and presents a highly inviting guide for anyone seeking a new outlook on life.

"Meditation was the vehicle that opened me up to myself, but psychotherapy, in the right hands, has similar potential. It was actually through my own therapy and my own studies of Western psychoanalytic thought that I began to understand what meditation made possible. As compelling as the language of Buddhism was to me, I needed to figure things out in Western concepts as well. Psychotherapy came after meditation in my life, but it reinforced what meditation had shown me." Mark Epstein.

"Epstein weaves a mindful cartography of the human heart, tying together insights from Buddhism and psychoanaltic thought into an elegant, captivating tapestry. Epstein shares the spiritual and emotional insights garnered from his own life journey in a fascinating account of what it can mean to us all to go on being." Daniel Goleman.

"Going on Being joins the heart of psychotherapy with the heart of Buddhism." Mike Eigen.

225 Pages