Figments and Fragments of Mahayana Buddhism in India: More Collected Papers

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By: Gregory Schopen
In these articles, Schopen once again displays the erudition and originality that have contributed to a major shift in the way that Indian Buddhism is perceived, understood and studied.

Includes: The Mahayana and the Middle Period in Indian Buddhism: Through a Chinese Looking-Glass; Vajracchedika: Notes on the Cult of the Book in Mahayana; the Bones of a Buddha and the Business of a Monk; Cult and Conservatism in Early Mahayana Buddhism; Sukhavati as a Generalized Religious Goal in Sanskrit Mahayana Sutra Literature; the Generalization of an Old Yogic Attainment in Medieval Mahayana Sutra Literature; Mahayana in Indian Inscriptions; the Inscription on the Kusan Image of Amitabha and the Character of the Early Mahayana in India; the Ambiguity of Avalokiteshvara and the Tentative Identification of a Painted Scene at Ajanta; a Verse from the Bhadracaripranidhana in an inscription found at Nalanda; the text on the Dharani Stones from Abhayagiriya; the Bodhigarbhalankaralaksa and Vimalosnisa Dharanis in Indian Inscriptons; a note on the "technology of prayer"; and Stupa and Tirtha: Tibetan Mortuary Practices.