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Now in its Fifth Printing, this handy, pocket-sized booklet is a revised and expanded version of the Daily Worship booklet originally published by the Buddhist Churches of America in 1963.

Included are programs for holding morning and evening home services, the sutras for chanting Juseige, Junirai, and Sanbutsuge along with their English translations, and a reference section regarding the Obutsudan (Family Shrine) and Buddhist Etiquette/practices.

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    Daily Service Book

    Posted by Terry Koch on 15th Nov 2019

    I believe this book will be quite helpful. Beginners like me would also benefit, in my opinion, from a link to live chanting examples, either audio or video.

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    Daily Service Book

    Posted by RollTideRoll on 25th Sep 2019

    I have just began (begun?) to learn about Pure Land- I've been devouring Amazon for anything I can find to learn more; I guess that the love of Buddha Amida "just does it for me". The catch is (as you can probably tell from the name the review is written under) I am VERY isolated from the typical disciple of Pure Land faith- I'm a proud son of ol' 'Bammy (Alabama). I suppose that that is some kind of odd karmic twist, huh? Idiscover Buddhadarma, but I'm as alone here as one could possibly be. By the way, even here in the middle of nowhere I am in the middle of even no(er)where. OK. So now that you get the picture- that is- I've adopted a faith that I have to practice alone with no guidance- I began nembutsu. But I wanted something more formal something that would leave me feeling less isolated and more the member of the world-wide sangha. I suppose I'm trying to say that what I wanted was something that felt authentic as opposed to the little practices I made up from what I gleaned from the books read. Having said all of that (and it has been A LOT believe me I know- "m writing this on an xbox) karma twisted yet again and I found the BCA Bookstore and this little book. Finally I can take part in the same rituals practiced by my brothers and sisters all over the saha world. If, like myself, you are an isolated believer, I couldn't recommend this book highly enough. You will find that it contains every essential for a basic home service. After this get the larger Service Manual. But this little pocket sized book can't be beat. Roll Tide Roll. 'Nuff said. Namo Amida Butsu.

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    Great reference

    Posted by Ann on 15th May 2019

    A simple and compact book about daily service that provides explanations and instructions for proper service while mentioning that the order of things are 'only a suggestion. Daily observation should reflect spontaneous expression of gratitude experienced in Nembutsu.' Also comes with a blank page in back labeled 'My favorite readings' for more personalization.

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    A Lovely Little Book!

    Posted by Jennifer Gruenhagen on 10th Apr 2018

    A wonderful resource for home practice.