Buddha-Dharma: The Way to Enlightenment

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Revised Second Edition by the Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research.

A concise collection of Buddhist scriptures translated into English.  A thorough revision of the 1984 edition, with the addition of an introduction for each of the eight main sections, a listing or original sources for selected passages, the compilation of Sanskrit and Pali names and terminologies, an enlarged glossary, and a definitive index.

For more than 2,500 years, the wise and compassionate teachings of the Śakyamuni Buddha have been guiding people and civilizations throughout the world. During his lifetime, the Buddha gave hundreds and hundreds of teachings which provide the basis for today's different schools and sects of Buddhism. As Buddhism becomes more well known in the Western World, we see an emergence of many volumes on a single aspect of Buddhist thought, philosophy and teachings. But here you will find, for the very first time, the full range of the teachings and episodes in the life of the historical Buddha.