Awakening and Insight: Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy

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Author(s): Young-Eisendrat and Shoji Muramoto
The intersection of East and West is a vital one on many levels. The efforts to integrate Buddhism and its therapeutic ancestors to the Western ideas of Jungian Psychology have been particularly fruitful.

Taking Japanese Zen-Buddhism as its starting point, "Awakening" "and Insight" is a collection of critiques and histories of Buddhism from a psychological perspective.

Based on accounts of the Buddhism and Depth Psychology conference that took place in Kyoto in 1999, this volume serves to unite the cousins of Eastern religion and Western thought. Featuring a new translation of the historic conversation between Schinichi Hisamatsu and Carl Jung which took place in 1958, "Awakening and Insight" will be of great interest to anyone interested in Psychology and Buddhism.

Paperback, 272 Pages