Awaken to Your TRUE SELF

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The Shin Buddhist Way of Life by Hideo Yonezawa, translated by Marvin Harada.

Published previously in Japanese as Shin to wa nanika (What is Faith?), Awaken to Your TRUE SELF is the latest release from the Orange County Buddhist Church Buddhist Education Center.  Inspired by the unique way that Dr. Yonezawa speaks about Shin Buddhism, Rev. Harada chose to translate Awaken to Your TRUE SELF so that it may touch the lives of westerners as well.

The book is short (less than 150 pages and only 6 chapters) and yet each page is dense with meaning.  The chapters were originally talks given by Dr. Yonezawa and so it feels as if he is speaking directly to you, encouraging you to look closely at daily life and see the “Living Dharma” that is present and active in all of our lives right here, right now.  Dr. Yonezawa discusses in simple, down to earth language the often times difficult to understand concepts like the Pure Land, Dharmakaya, and shinjin and he offers a way of understanding them that everyone can easily relate to.  Most interestingly, Dr. Yonezawa shares his understanding of Amida Buddha as the “true self.”  Stressing the importance of meeting with the “living Nembutsu,” Dr. Yonezawa concludes by sharing specific examples of Myokonin, ordinary people whose shinjin is expressed in their everyday lives.  Destined to become a contemporary classic, you will want to keep Awaken to Your TRUE SELF accessible on your bookshelf and re-read it time and time again.

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    Posted by Christopher Leibow on 9th Jul 2018

    A wonderful and tender book with great stories and clearly elucidated concepts. The book does not get bogged down in some of the Jodo Shin vernacular which can be overwhelming for those who are new to the Shin tradition.