A Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Terms

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With Supplement - 5th Edition.
By Hisao Inagaki.
A dictionary of 5,500 entries, based on references in Japanese literature, 5th edition, 2003.
This book was recently reprinted from a different publisher and includes a supplement. This is a 2007 version, hard bound with 534 pages.

Throughout Japan's recorded history, Buddhism has permeated Japanese life and thought so deep's that knowledge of it is essential for a true understanding of any aspect of Japanese culture. This dictionary will be invaluable to Western readers of Japanese literature, for it offers, in easily accessible form, definitions and explanations of a wide range of Buddhist terms that occur in the Japanese classics.

For the student of Japanese culture, it provides a great wealth of information on persons, ceremonies, texts, sects, and teachings, casting light on the richness and complexity of Buddhist influence. It is both scholarly and practical, and will fully meet a need long felt by Westerners interested in Japan.

The author, Dr. Hisao Inagaki, has brought to this dictionary not only a scholarly competence in the full range of Buddhist languages and literature, but also his experience as lecturer in Buddhism at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. The work has been brought to completion with the collaboration of his former colleague, P.G. O'Neill, Professor of Japanese at the University of London.