Reaching Out

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Experiences in Clinical Pastoral Education By Reverend Tesshi Aoyama
Book's Foreword
Reaching Out is an appropriate title for this collection of personal encounters in ministry by Rev. Tesshi Aoyama, the Japanese-American leader of a Buddhist temple in Marysville, California. With refreshing candor and touching pathos, he describes the feelings of one who through his own struggles has become open to the pain of others. These vignettes of ministry testify to the author's faithfulness as a shepherd and spiritual guide to his people in times of personal crisis.
Those familiar with clinical pastoral education will not be surprised that Rev. Aoyama not only reports the dialogues between himself and those he serves in hospital and temple, but moves beyond the incidents to reflect on their significance in the light of his ancient Buddhist faith. In so doing, he demonstrates the validity of the basic premise on which the clinical method of theological education rests namely, that it is in the doing of ministry that the art and meaning of ministry are best learned.