Japanese Children's Favorite Stories - Anniversary Edition

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By Florence Sakade with Illustrations by Yoshisuke Kurosaki.

A delightful collection of much beloved Japanese children's stories.  This anniversary edition commemorates 60 years of sharing entertaining folklore that has been passed down for generations.


Peach Boy

The Magic Teakettle

Monkey-Dance and Sparrow-Dance

The Long-Nosed Tengus

The Rabbit in the Moon

The Tongue-Cut Sparrow

Silly Saburo

The Toothpick Warriors

The Sticky-Sticky Pine

The Spider Weaver

Little One-Inch

The Tanuki and the Magic Fan

Mr. Lucky Straw

Why the Jellyfish Has No Bones

The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom

The Crab and the Monkey

The Ogre and the Rooster

The Rabbit Who Crossed the Sea

The Grateful Statues

The Bobtail Monkey