Eleven Rings - The Soul of Success

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By Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty.

Phil Jackson is arguably the greatest coach of the NBA.  With vivid descriptions down to play by play detail, Jackson recounts the ups, the downs, the strategies, the unexpected turn of events, the ego clashes, the humiliating defeats, and the incredible victories during his tenure coaching the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers.  Jackson reveals how Buddhist teachings equipped him to skillfully navigate through it all and lead his teams eleven times to the ultimate goal: the NBA championship.  In a culture that celebrates egotistical behavior and individual achievement over team bonding, Jackson discloses how he inspired and guided superstar players like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Dennis Rodman to connect with the selfless, spiritual nature of the game.  By relying on Buddhist teachings, Jackson helped them to see that in the process of becoming a "we," they could also be their best "me."  Of all the coaching principles he abides by, Jackson says that compassion above all else is key to success.  Although Eleven Rings takes place in the world of the NBA, Jackson's message is relevant for any organization of people striving to reach a comming goal.