An Immigrant's Daughter

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A Biography of Molly Miyako Kimura by Karen Wilson.

Molly Miyako Kimura is proud to be an immigrant's daughter.  Her personal story is one that many can relate to: grandparents who lived in Japan during a difficult time of transition and change, parents who emigrated to Hawaii and then Northern California in search of opportunities for a better life, internment during World War II, starting over amid discrimination after the war, and building a life, family, and future in the years that followed.  Through it all, Molly has sought to make the most of whatever circumstances and conditions presented themselves and she approached obstacles as opportunities for learning.  She has dedicated her life to a personal mission of promoting peace and building a cultural bridge through the Japanese arts.

In all her endeavors and particularly as a Jodo Shinshu minister, Molly Miyako Kimura generously shares her legacy of perserverance, resilience, and faith.  Her amazing story vividly conveys the history and society of the times as well as the challenges and triumphs of the Issei and Nisei generations that will surely inspire future generations to come.  An Immigrant's Daughter concludes with a section of photos commemorating Molly's work and achievements and the many people whose lives she has touched.