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BCA Buddhist Bookstore


Located inside the Jodo Shinshu Center at

2140 Durant Ave. (between Shattuck and Fulton)

Berkeley CA 94704




OPEN:  Wed. - Sat., 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

CLOSED: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


The BCA Bookstore is dedicated to sharing the Buddha-Dharma and raising the awareness of Jodo Shinshu (Japanese Pure Land) Buddhism throughout the world.


We offer a wide variety of books in Pure Land, Zen, Theravada, Tibetan, and other Buddhist traditions.  Topics range from introductions for beginners to translations of sutras for scholars.  We also carry quality incense from Japan, home altars, jewelry, and gift items.

For directions, click here for a Yahoo map.

Brief History of the Bookstore

The Buddhist Bookstore was officially registered with the State Board of Equalization in October 1959. Buddhist books in English were primarily sold to members of the BCA. Prior to this date, the Sunday School Materials Department under Rev. K. Fujinaga sold books and educational materials for children. With the organization of the Bureau of Buddhist Education in 1959, under Rev. Takashi Tsuji, the Sales Department was initiated. There was no capital available to finance this department, but fortunately there was a large stock of "Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu" which had not moved for many years. A massive campaign was launched to sell these books in order to accumulate a certain amount of capital. The books sold well, and the initial capital was obtained to stock other titles.

The Sales Department was still a small operation with the sales handled mostly through mail orders and Rev. Tsuji displaying the materials during his district tours. Total gross sales in 1959 were $2,000, but in 1960, this total jumped to nearly $20,000. During this time, one-sheet leaflets bearing such titles as "Karma," and "Is There a God? The Buddhist Answer" were published and widely circulated. In 1960, the Western Young Adult Buddhist League made a generous donation of $1,000, making it possible to obtain the services of a part-time clerk. The bookstore is now handling Buddhist literature in English.

Reprinted from the BCA 75th Anniversary book.