A Raft From the Other Shore

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Revised and Edited by Jonathan Watts & Yoshiharu Tomatsu.
Honen and the Way of Pure Land Buddhism.

"Sho-on Hattori uses a simple but penetrating prose to introduce us to the life and teachings of Honen. He also gives us an illuminating and essential view of how Pure Land Buddhism relates to the entire Buddhist tradition. This is the first time that an English language volume accessible to the common reader has been offered on Honen, his teachings and Pure Land Buddhism from the perspective of his very own denomination, Jodo Shu. With a deep knowledge of Buddhist teaching and a feel for the western audience from his over ten years in the United States, Hattori-sensei offers us an invaluable view of this great master and the most popular form of Buddhism in Japan."
Softcover 119 pages, B4 6" × 9"